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Site migration services for businesses needing to switch to a new hosting provider or upgrade their current hosting tier.

Starts at $399: This price is applicable for most sites. Larger or more complex sites may require additional effort, resulting in a higher costs. If your site falls within this category, we would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Hosting Types

  • Shared hosting: Suitable for small (low traffic) sites like bloggers, freelancers, portfolios and small businesses. With this plan, you’re sharing HW, OS and Software Stack with others.
  • VPS: Ideal for growing business needing more control. Dedicated resources (greater than shared hosting, though hardware is shared with others). The OS and Software Stack is completely isolated.
  • Cloud Hosting: Ideal for sites with fluctuating traffic demands (dynamic NODE scaling (up / down) and (HA) high availability).
  • Dedicated Hosting: Also ideal for high-traffic sites, maximum control and performance (HW & OS isolation).

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