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IT Portfolio

XOMedia is a comprehensive IT service provider that offers expertise and support in all aspects of IT, including but not limited to: Infrastructure, Networking, Servers, Storage, Security, Automation, DevOps and Cloud services.

Our IT Portfolio is tailored to help companies of all sizes find the right on-premise (traditional), cloud or hybrid cloud solutions for their technology needs – from physical hardware to the OS and applications that run on it.

Hardware & Servers

Server installation and configuration


Storage, Data protection and Backup & Recovery services.

IT Automation

Save time and effort freeing you up for strategic, big-picture work.


Security and Auditing Services.

Landing Pages

Sales funnels and landing pages.


Email implementation services.

Additional solutions coming soon.

* Underlying hardware and software used depends on project, best-fit and budget.

1) While certain mission-critical workloads may benefit from enterprise-class servers, commodity hardware can be leveraged for sophisticated computing environments that deliver mainframe-like processing at a lower cost. Companies that use a commodity computing model can often save thousands of dollars in IT procurement. Commodity hardware environments are usually cheaper to set up, maintain, expand and develop and can prevent vendor lock-in.

2) Most of our our solutions are built using Open Source Software (“OSS”) technology. In certain circumstances, 3rd party vendor software and tooling may be a better fit.

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