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This service includes: technical design, procurement, installation and configuration of Enterprise-class IT infrastructure on-prem or in the cloud.

We support a full suite of scalable IT infrastructure (“network, server and storage”) optimized for security and performance for any application or database workloads.

We use the latest generation of server, storage and network infrastructure designed to help you modernize and scale your on-premise and cloud resources.

We design, build and configure scalable systems with unmatched uptime.

We support the following hardware for build-outs of Development, Test, Staging and Production environments:


  • x86 enterprise class / commodity
  • HP Integrity
  • IBM Power
  • Oracle’s x86 and SPARC servers

Operating Systems

UNIX (“IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris”) and Unix-like (“BSD, Linux – all distributions”) operating systems.

Virtualization & Container Solutions

XOMedia supports hardware build-outs for the following hardware, software and, operating system level virtualization solutions.

  • HP Integrity Virtual Machines
  • IBM PowerHA SystemMirror (formerly IBM PowerHA and HACMP)
  • Oracle VM server SPARC / x86
  • Oracle Solaris Zones
  • VMware ESXi / Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Docker / Podman / Kubernetes
  • FreeBSD Jails

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