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XOMedia Consulting Services

XOMedia offers a range of IT services designed to help your businesses modernize and transform quickly and efficiently so you can leapfrog your competition.

Why XOMedia?

Whether need you need help with Launch, meeting challenges of Day-1 or stuck in Day-2 operations – our services are tailored to help organizations meet today’s challenges in order to grow and scale their business. Our team of experts can help you develop an IT strategy that gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Tap into decades of technical experience – we offer Advisory, Managed and White Glove consulting services to help address your business challenges.

For our Partnership offering, visit XOMedia Partnership.

FREE Consultation ($500 value)

It doesn’t cost anything to talk to us.

Start with a FREE, no commitment consultation. Working on a business project? Book a meeting with us to discuss!

A dedicated session with an IT industry expert so we can better understand your needs, identify challenges you’re looking to overcome and provide advice and direction.

After this short call, you’ll better understand how we can assist you with your business needs – no obligation.

We’ll schedule a meeting with you through Google Meet or Zoom. Let’s get started!


/ Advisory Services

Advisory services are short or long-term engagements designed to provide advice and guidance to help you improve your IT operations and infrastructure.

Our Advisory services are ideal for companies that are:

  • Struggling with aging legacy systems, broken business processes, inefficient, complex and costly technology stacks.
  • Frustrated by failed implementations, solutions that break or do not deliver on intended promises.
  • Looking to leverage the full potential of their IT investments.

Whatever your challenge, we can help you transform your operational model over a period of time to streamline your IT and business processes, improve overall TCO with better quality.

Our advisory services can be tailored to help companies with a variety of goals and objectives:

  • Save money, improve efficiency and reduce risk.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing world of IT.
  • Assist organizations that are undergoing significant change, such as merging with another company or expanding into new markets.
  • IT strategy: Assist with strategic planning to optimize business processes and implement strategies that align with business objectives.
  • IT infrastructure: Design or select, implement and manage a new IT infrastructure.
  • Technology refresh or IT infrastructure modernization projects.
  • Architecture: Design and implement IT architectures that are efficient, scalable and secure.
  • Risk management: Identify, assess and manage IT risks.
  • Project management: Plan, execute and manage IT projects.
  • Change management: Manage change in their environments.
  • Outsourcing: Evaluate and select IT outsourcing providers or transition to a new IT outsourcing provider.
  • Cloud strategy: Develop a cloud computing strategy. Help with Cloud infrastructure and integration.
  • Compliance: Help organizations comply with new or existing industry regulations and standards.
  • Security: Assessing an organization’s IT security risks.
  • Manage the implementation of a new technology solutions.

/ Managed Services

Like cars, technology infrastructure requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Take good care of your car, and you avoid costly repairs, safety issues or a premature upgrade. Neglecting this can become very costly. Over time, it becomes more costly to fix problems than to avoid them altogether.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s critical that your IT infrastructure evolves with it. A well-implemented strategy avoids costly problems like data loss, breaches and service disruption. We have over 20 years of experience helping Fortune 100 companies safeguard their IT investments.

With our Managed Services offering, you won’t have to worry about the daily tasks involved in running your IT environment.

Managed Services areideal for:

  • Organizations that lack staff, expertise or time to manage ongoing IT operations.
  • Do not want to deal with the headaches of ongoing IT maintenance.

Benefits of XOMedia’s Managed Services offering:

We take care of the many basic and common technical tasks for you, leaving you time to focus on your business:

  • Significantly reduce overall long-term IT costs.
  • Reduce adverse impact to business operations by stabilizing & streamlining your IT environment.
  • Hardware and Software upgrades and patching.
  • Security updates to avoid data breaches.
  • Backup and Recovery for data loss prevention.
  • Ongoing support of infrastructure.
  • IT Infrastructure Modernization according to a roadmap.

/ White Glove

We offer White Glove Setup for various IT solutions.

White Glove setup means that an expert member of the XOMedia team will use a best practice approach implementing all of our offerings and any qualified IT solutions (e.g., solutions that we design and implement from start to finish).

This is our most economical offering, in additional to our standard 30-day money back guarantee, all White Glove implementation services are guaranteed for the entire product life-cycle.

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