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Gain market advantage leveraging XOMedia’s 30+ years of industry experience to deliver customer value.

Designed for $1MM EBIT (or better) companies, our Partnership program is a long-term engagement that involve a combination of remote and (as needed) on-site consulting visits.

Drive business performance and growth and scale faster with access to XOMedia’s expertise and experience.

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/ How does it work?

While our products and consulting services offer a great deal of value, they’re designed as individual solutions to address specific problems. Our partnership offering uses the full breadth and depth of our knowledge helping customers unlock their full potential.

Partnerships don’t just fix issues, they strategically leverage a selection of products, services and expertise to continually benefit an organization’s bottom line.

Our Partnership offering is a comprehensive solution that leverages everything we offer in a strategic manner, touching all facets of your business, in order to drive continuous growth. We work together with you to deliver maximum value by seamlessly integrating solutions through flexible delivery options.

/ Partnership Benefits

  • Foster a long-term partnership leveraging XOMedia’s expertise and experience.
  • Our complete IT offering tailored to your specific needs.
  • A strong Partnership through frequent business outcome-related interactions where both parties are invested in achieving better outcomes.

/ Partnership Examples

During a client engagement that had several national and global subsidiary brands, we discovered 2 costly errors within 3 months.

The IT department implemented a misconfigured Novel ZENworks platform (now owned by Micro Focus). Ironically, one of the selling points of this tool is to increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs.

1) The tool was deploying live code and patches on POS (Point of Sale) systems during store hours:

This led to hundreds of stores randomly going offline, resulting in in-store sales losses. Identifying root-cause led to additional savings (unfortunately) through staff reduction in the call center that was built out over several years to deal with the fallout from a faulty implementation.

Within months we identified the CI / CD pipeline (live code deployment) jobs that have been in place for 3 years. In additional to significant in-store revenue loss recovery, this led to an immediate positive cost impact amounting to:

  • 19 employees * ~$35K/year = ~$665K saved a year
  • Annualized: (3 years) ~$2M

While we advocated for utilizing freed up staff time elsewhere, leadership opted to reduce head count. Partnership engagements often involves streamlining operations that either replace something or someone inside or outside of the organization.

2) A 2nd issue identified was misconfigured time zones across numerous POS systems. This resulted in many devices being returned to the home office for system re-installation / reconfiguration. This incurred cost in staff time, additional hardware and shipping.

Our client hired 5 employees to inventory products, but they were still unable to make headway.

The (“manual”) process consisted of:

  • Taking inventory;
  • Quality control;
  • Taking product photos;
  • Photos optimization (manually via Photoshop);
  • Branding / security watermark (manually via Photoshop); and
  • Uploading them to the company website.

This led to significant backlogs that stretched out across weeks, resulting in missed marketing campaigns.

Within a month we were able to streamline their inventory process and automate the product photo workflow, by implementing automation around the most time-consuming parts – resulting in the turnaround time from weeks to under an hour.

This resulted in a vital improvement with their time-to-market and freed up staff to work on strategic, big-picture work.

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