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Implement Secure Forms on your site to simplify customer communication:

Starts at $299: This price is applicable for most sites. Larger or more complex sites may require additional effort, resulting in a higher costs. If your site falls within this category, we would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

  • Lead Generation: Drive conversion with a simple form to collect contact information (like name, email, phone) from potential customers, request for quotes or for follow-up communication and lead nurturing.
  • Market Research: Gather feedback, conduct surveys to gather feedback, understand customer needs and gain valuable insights for product development and marketing campaigns.
  • Engage with users with quizzes and polls.
  • Customer support requests.
  • Job Applications: Streamline the application process for recruitment needs by collecting resumes and candidate information through online forms.
  • Event Registration: Manage event registration efficiently by gathering attendee details and preferences through online forms, making event organization smooth and streamlined.

Add a Newsletter on your site to engage customers:

  • Nurture customer loyalty with a Newsletter that delivers valuable content to to their inbox.
  • Stay top-of-mind and build lasting relationships with exclusive offers, industry insights, and valuable tips keeping your customers informed and engaged.
  • Sign-Ups and Subscriptions: Enable users to subscribe to newsletters, access exclusive content, or register for events, encouraging continuous engagement with your brand.
  • Promote your brand, retain loyal customers, build trust: Connect with loyal customers, keep them informed of news, events or product updates.
  • Share special offers and discounts, exclusive deals and promotions.
  • Build and connect with an audience.
  • Share valuable information, expertise and insights.
  • Share exclusive (valuable) content to subscribers.

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