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Xavier O’Neill


Xavier O’Neill is the co-founder and CEO at XOMedia. Xavier is an industry veteran with over two decades of experience providing guidance to fortune 100 brands in telecommunications, media and healthcare industries.

With expertise across a broad range of Information Technology domains, Xavier has assisted businesses with the design, implementation and delivery of complex end-to-end systems. He combines experience in system engineering and design, software development and infrastructure management, implementation of development environments and production operations.

Xavier enjoys working with experts and customers, as well as industry leaders to develop and deliver innovative digital solutions. He has successfully led numerous corporate initiatives, executing projects that resulted in substantial cost savings and increased revenue. Xavier’s global engagement includes overseeing projects in various countries including the US, Canada, India, England, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Indonesia.

We focus on quality throughout the entire customer experience: From the quality of our solutions, the quality of our service and the quality of our attitude. We pay attention to the smallest of details in order to exceed expectations in delivering innovative solutions that effectively address the challenges that keep our clients awake at night

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